What am I doing here?

I ask myself this question very often. Just because I don’t want to forget my goals.

My situation here is a little bit different from the one of other students: I am older than them, I have almost 20 years of working experience, I have a job in Italy and, last but the least, my family in Rome.

On January, I started thinking of my need to change something in my professional carreer, but I wanted a “unique” experience. Moreover, I didn’t know U.S. so much. And what about improving my English?

So, I mixed these three elements and started building my project. I had my Toefl examination at the end of April.

Now, I’ am attending a Marketing Certificate Programme at UCSD University, and this blog is part of my studies in “Marketing via New Media” class. If you’d like to know more about this class, you can read http://teachingsocialmedia.blogspot.com/

Enjoy your reading!

What Am I Doing Here is a book by British Author Bruce Chatwin and contains a collection of essays, profiles and travel stories from his life.


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