Italy and Social Media

Hi Everyone,

I’m back in Rome, and after this experience in San Diego, one of my first goal is trying to understand the world of social media in Italy.

Event though we are plenty of blogs, actually I don’t have many information about users profile, and marketing via social media in country.

As I’m very interested in this matter, I have been started reading as much as possible about social media in Italy.

The first useful information I found is that from September 12, for three days, there is the first Italian ‘blogfest’. The event will offer the opportunity to meet and talk all about blogs, socialnetworking, and community.

I have only a doubt: the main sponsors of this meeting are Telecom Italia, the main Italian Telco company, and Microsoft Windows Live.

On one hand, we can consider it positively, as it increases the interest for the event. On the other hand, the participation of such huge companies can influence the spirit of this first meeting.

In my opinion, comparing to US, Italian market (and people) is a beginner in using social media for business, or as alternative to traditional media. Therefore, my question is: can be useful or not the presence of these two companies? (just a note: until few years ago, Telecom had the monopoly of the Italian telecommunication market, and they still have some ‘privileges’). Don’t we have to consider social networking as an ‘open space’ where everyone can find his own opportunity?


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