Blog, travels, and women

In these days, here in Rome is taking place an interesting festival about travel literature. In the wonderful location of Villa Celimontana, people have the opportunity to meet readers, journalists, writers, travellers, and … bloggers!

After my social media class, I have been increasing my interest in all my favorite topics and their connection with Web 2.0, so I was so excited to find a conference about travels and blogs!

I attended this conference yesterday morning, and I had the chance to keep in touch with one of most interesting italian blogger about travels: Marina Misiti and her blog “donne con la valigia” (the translation sounds as “women with the suitcase”).

The debate highlighted many important, interesting points: how new media affects the way of writing, the difference between blogs and traditional “travel diary”, the network as “a travel in the travel”, just to say some of them.

Many bloggers compared their different way of writing a blog: blogging on the road, blogging after a trip, blogging feelings …

During the conference, I wonder if all these available information limit the ‘discovery pleasure’ of a trip. The answer I gave myself is that every trip generates unique, new feelings, even though you know something about the place you are going to visit.

So, I definitely think that blogs, and network can help people to share these feelings and, consequently, to add some value to personal experiences.

In my opinion, knowledge and information don’t represent a limit in discovering a place, but they offer the chance to better know it.

Moreover, the Web represents a great opportunity for all the people that can travel only with their minds…

What do you think about it?

PS: other bloggers presented their projects:,,, Il circolo dei viaggiatori


2 thoughts on “Blog, travels, and women

  1. thanks nicoletta. i do think it is excellent to access other people’s feeling, thoughts and tips about travels. it helps organizing and traveling without moving … see you in buenos aires.

  2. Hello Nicoletta, I just found out this post today and wanted to thank you for having cited my blog. By the way: I found your weblog extremely interesting, so I just added it to my blogroll 🙂

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