Blog Action Day 2008: let’s talk about poverty

Today is the BLOG ACTION DAY against POVERTY. Bloggers everywhere will publish posts that discuss poverty in some way.

It’s really difficult for me to say something original about poverty and its causes.

I can only tell you something about my personal experience and feelings.

I was born in the 60’s and, at that time, poverty was something my parents tried to forget, because it was strictly connected to their childhood during the Second World War. The power of media was so far to be as strong as now and there were just few images about poverty.

The first time I really felt aware and realized how many people are affected by poverty was during my first trip to Africa. Poverty and hunger. Not only children, but also adults.

As citizen, traveller, human being I couldn’t ignore what I saw. It was 1989.

Now it’s quite impossible to figure out how many people in the world live with less than 2 $ a day. The number is increasing every day and poverty is involving also ‘industrialized’ countries.

Globalization, economic crisis, wars, overexploitation, diseases: we can list so many reasons, without find any solution. Poverty is rapidly spreading out.

That’s why we should care about it and fight against poverty also with small, individual actions and behaviours.

Knowledge and awareness can be helpful to balance the huge divide between two parts of the world.

There are many projects against hunger and poverty that need our help. I’d like to suggest you to join one of them, and help people to realize it, by donating and involving friends and other people.

Here, you can find some associations with serious, interesting projects: (children in the desert)


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