Good news from the World!


Few days ago, Chilean government passed a bill against the whales hunting. It turned its territorial water into a whale sanctuary.

The new law forbids hunting, selling and transportationt of 43 species of cetaceans.

Moreover, it defines new conservation areas and protects the whole whales lifecycle.

Further information:

Protecting whales around the world:


From october 23rd to 27 will be held in Turin “Terra Madre 2008”, a world meeting of food communities.

Terra Madre (mother land) is a project created by the Italian association Slow Food with the aim of giving voice and visibility to the rural food producers who populate our world, and sustaining their ability to work under the best conditions, for all of our good and for the good of the planet.

The Terra Madre network is made up of all those who wish to act to preserve, encourage, and support sustainable food production methods.

Terra Madre fights against hunger, by defending local cultures and products.

The main projects are about education, biodiversity, and short chain.



5 thoughts on “Good news from the World!

  1. Ciao Antonio,
    grazie per i complimenti. Sono io che devo farli a voi, dopo avervi ascoltati al Festival delle Letterature di viaggio.
    La foto… non è stata scattata in Namibia, ma nell’Acacus libico 🙂
    Prima o poi, dovrò proprio farlo un “collage” fotografico di deserti!

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