An innovative way to help a no-profit project: 24hrsCamp

banneranglesx01In my social media experience, I immediately realized how they can be useful for no-profit organizations or projects.

We can list many reasons: participation, easy access to viral campaign for fundraising, reduced costs, different tools and media for different target, and so on.

These are just some of the benefits a no-profit organization can get from social media.

That’s why I felt so excited when I read about a special event that will be held in Milan next week end: the first 24 hours camp.

What is exactly 24hrsCamp?

The main idea is to create a new ‘format’ in order to overcome the ‘business’ logic and barriers that everybody can find in a company. Finding new methods to do something new and helping people.

For this first event, the goal is to create awareness, collaboration, and debate about maternal child mortality.

Every year more than 500.000 women and 3.5 million of babies die in childbirth.

There are two associations involved in this first project: Terres des hommes and PangeaOnlus.

Another new important element of this event is the mix of different professional skills: project managers, designers, psychologists, journalists, entrepreneurs, marketers will work all together at the same time with the same goal.

Last, but not the least I really like the reasons 24hrsCamp gives to involve people (from 24hrsCamp website):

  1. NUOVE soluzioni, VECCHI problemi
  2. UNA SFIDA CON SE STESSI per CONOSCERE gente interessante
  3. REALIZZERAI un progetto per la comunità

That means:

1. New solutions, old problems

2 .A challenge with themselves to meet new interesting people

3. Create a project for the community

I strongly believe it will be a very successful event!

What do you think about this kind of organization? Do you believe that a 24 hours no-stop Camp could represent an innovative way to manage a project and break old schemas?


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