Facebook or not Facebook?

facebookIn the last three months, the increasing success of social networking in Italy, mainly Facebook, is creating a wide debate.

From 1 million of users in May Italy reached 4,2 millions of users in September (Nielsen Netview).

Every day newspapers, magazines, online news never miss to talk about benefits or risks arising from this media.

Somebody even considers Facebook as a danger for couples, and families!

Most users are far from consider Facebook and social networking as a useful working tool.

Using Facebook is mainly considered as something ‘in’, but just for entertainment.

That’s why many companies start forbidding Facebook’s access to the employees, as they believe is just a waste of time.

Word-of-mouth, buzz, social media as a service or marketing tools are just words, especially in public companies.

And it’s very hard to change this trend in many manager’s (and also users’ mind!)

So … what do you think about it? Should companies forbid Facebook’s access to their employees? How can we try to ‘fill a hole’ and change this trend?


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