RomeCamp2008: the day after

Planning the presence|

Planning the presence|

As I promised, I’m here to talk about my first barcamp, RomeCamp2008, I attended on Friday and Saturday.

I’m still really excited about this experience, because of my first ‘real’ contact’ with Italian reality of ‘unconventional conferences’; I met some brilliant professionals with different skills.

Let’s start with some information: the location was the Faculty of Economy – Rome 3 University, a comfortable place with a symbolic meaning (let’s open our universities and start listening to new knowledge and ideas!).

Three main topics: innovation, technology, end environment. A corner with a streaming TV (ilCannocchiale), for interviews, debates, opinions. Very useful to see some debates I (people) couldn’t partecipate.

Some sponsors from traditional market (Terna), and some others from social media and webtv (current_tv, yalp, ilCannocchiale).

Definetely… a perfect organization!

The good and bad.

Really good: so many ideas and inputs.

Different experiences like 24hrscamp with its mix of technology, different skills and no-profit (Camillo Di Tullio aka Dr_Who), a manager from traditional communication who decided to partecipate and listen (Fulvio Rossi by Terna), projects from governament area such as Kublai (Alberto Cottica), useful tips about SEO from Sean Carlos, debate on green marketing (Simone Lovati), new ideas about ‘predictive markets (Davide Bennato)…. I’m sorry I can’t list everybody … (but you can find more info at

Little things I was disappointed: just few students (even if we were at University), and … no managers from local government, traditional market, and communications.

I believe this is would have been the REAL innovation …

However, a positive experience I’ll be very happy to repeat very soon.

Thanks to Nicola Mattina and Vincenzo Cosenza and to all the people that contributed to this event.

These are just some feelings. In the next days, I’ll tell you something more about contents!

If you have any experiences of barcamp in US or somewhere else, why don’t you share with us your experience?

PS: just a little negative note: Women, geek girls, where were you? Most of the speakers were men!


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