Technology and Happiness (or Unhappiness)

During the last RomeCamp2008, I’ve been asked to partecipate in a project called ‘Techlovers’.

Before informing you about the project’s ‘technical’ details and aims, I’d like to tell you what I had to do.

A young girl asked me for an interview as a blogger, in front of a videocamera (I was terrified), but the question was more terrible than the videocamera: how has technology been changed my life? How does technology make me feel happy?

Immediately, I replied talking about my US experience, my blog, and the new people I recently met. But I’m still thinking about it…

There are many daily things I improved with technology, but I strongly believe there is a main reason of my technology’s happiness: knowledge.

I can get all the information I need in a while. I can meet all far away friends. I can read different opinions about a topic and have a totally new opinion. I can share experience.

I can better understand our time. Knowledge as a support, not a substitute of human relationships. Isn’t this a technology’s happiness, is it?

That’s why I think is important to fight against digital divide, and for the network neutrality! is a project by , that is an Italian blog about unconventional marketing.

The project idea they explained at Romecamp2008 is collecting video stories from Italian internet users, successful and unsuccessful stories, all the difficulties people coped with because as digital divide, the happiness people reached because using technology change their lives.

After the video collection, there will be a context where users will vote their favourite story. At the end, they’ll realize a videoreportage, a sort of “Italians 2.0”, that will be programmed on TV and Internet.

In this post I just wanted to talk about feelings, but there are some intersting aspects about media, marketing, Italian digital divide I’ll talk about very soon!

For more information: and


4 thoughts on “Technology and Happiness (or Unhappiness)

  1. @Antonio
    When I talk about ‘tech happiness’ I relate to something that can improve life’s quality, according to my own values. For instance, I believe that we need ‘sustainable’ technology, and sometimes there is a limit better not to exceed.
    However, real happiness and/in life depend on human beings… even though … better with a “little” help! Thank you!

    What was your idea of “technology happiness” in Techlovers?

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