Blogs and information overload

overloadThis morning it happened to me to read a post by Jason Falls from his blog “Social Media Explorer”, and an article by Michael Kinsley from ‘Time’ magazine (I found it also in the website), that made me think a lot; so that I’d like to share them with you.

Apparently, they seem far from each other, not only because of the kind of media. The post title is ‘How to use links and linking effectively”; the article title is “Too much information. The campaign turned us all into news junkies. But how many blogs does the world really need”.

Especially, I was affected by comparing two sentences.

By Jason Falls’ post:

“As you can see from this post, plenty of links is certainly not a problem. If it adds context, supplements the content in a relevant way or points people to useful sites or tools you mention, link away”

I strongly agree, that’s true. Linking is one of the best strategy to create exposure to your blog. A blogger needs links!

Then, from Michael Kinsley article:

“But aggregation has become a hall of mirrors. “Did you see Romenesko this morning? Yeah, very interesting. He’s got a link to a piece in LA Observed that links to a column on the London Times website where this guy says that a Russian blogger is saying that Obama will make Sarah Palin Secretary of State.”

“Wow. Sounds true. Where did the Russian guy get it?”

“He says it was in Romenesko.”

After having read this sentence I wonder how many times I get lost by reading a post then following a link, running after information…

Well, I think that the problem is the information overload. As there are many blogs worth reading. And each one links to other information and blogs.

As I like to ‘dig’ information, it’s very difficult to limit my readings, or to omit many links in my post.

I believe that with some experience and having time limits, every reader could be able to choose or skip information at a first glance.

I think the more we can read and write, the more democracy is represented. Even though sometimes it can be a little bit difficult.

What’s your opinion?


3 thoughts on “Blogs and information overload

  1. Nico, I totally agree with your “information overload” idea and again, as you mentioned above, readers definetely should be able to choose or skip information. That’s the way it works…

    By the way, this is an excellent post! Congratulations… I admire your explorer persenality 🙂

  2. Thank you Kubra! You’re still following me! If you don’t want to write your own blog, you’re always welcome here as ‘guest speaker’.
    I believe that many people are interested in knowing about advertising, marketing, and web 2.0 in Turkey!
    Lokking forward to reading your post!

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