No-profit and Music 2.0

Yesterday, the Italian blogger Antonio by Il Circolo dei viaggiatori posted a wonderful video about a special project. It was a music performance made by musicians from different part of the world, but they were all playing the same song: “Stand by me”.

The project, called Playing for change, wants to connect the world through the music, by providing resources for music and art.

The foundation mission statement is: “Building and connecting music/art schools around the world”.

The project involves busketers, professional and unprofessional musicians, filmmakers, artists.

The first music school will open at the beginning of 2009, in Gugulethu – South Africa.

Let’s think about the mix of this project: no-profit, traditional media, web 2.0, travel, different cultures.

Don’t you find it really exciting?

Enjoy this video!


2 thoughts on “No-profit and Music 2.0

  1. Really a great job, both musically and ideally. I can’t stop myself watching it again and again…

    Actually, the most important thing that has affected me in this video is that we (people) are all the same even if we are in USA, or Turkey, or Italy, or Netherlans, anywhere. We sing the same songs, we do the same things…

    Congratulations to the creative team of the project!

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