Christmas news (1): special presents

Share's Xmas CardsIn these difficult times, it’s a pleasure for me to read many posts about special Christmas presents with a common goal:  helping people.

For instance,  DrWho in a recent post suggested to help the project ‘Superpresents’ (Superegali in Italian) by Terre des Hommes.  Or some Italian photographers are selling some of their pictures,  in order to support an association which internationally helps people with hearth disease (

This year, I decided to support two organizations. The first one is Amref. I’m going to spend a week end in Rome, in a famous place or street (I’ll let you know), helping them in fundraising for Uganda.

Another project I really care about is by Share – Human Life Project.

It’s some weeks that people are leaving Congo through Rwanda borders.  Hundreds of people are running away their villages, because of violence and devastation. The reason is not an ethnical war, but the control over natural resources.  Share is economically supporting these people through a Rwanda NGO called TUBASANGE.

For further information, you can read an e-mail by Tubasange NGO:



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