Christmas news (3): Rome, Africa, and environment

Paper Xmas Tree1) Rome Top Ten’ update

As I told you in a previous post,  it’s very hard to list just a ‘Top Ten’ for Rome. That’s why I’d like to add a suggestion I received about another important exhibition: ‘Picasso: the art’s Harlequin’ at Vittoriano, until February 8th, 2009

2) AMREF for African children

Next Saturday and Sunday (Dec 20th and 21st) it will be possible to support a vaccination campaign for children from North Uganda, by visiting AMREF (African Medical & Research Foundation) info points in 12 important Italian cities.

In particular, you can contribute by buying a bottle of Italian red wine (Aglianico) or a calendar. You’ll find me in Rome,  at Largo Argentina Amref ‘s point, close to the Holy Area ruins. Looking forward to seeing you!!!!

3) A ‘sustainable’ Christmas Tree

Every year, in December, I wonder how to be as eco-savvy as possible with my Christmas Tree.  As I don’t want to give this tradition up, I spend a lot of time looking for the best solution. Here, you can find some good suggestions for a ‘sustainable’ Christmas Tree:

– if you can plant a tree after Christmas holidays, always best buying a natural tree with roots

– as alternative, look for a fake biodegradable tree

– last but not the least… be creative! My friend Tamara made some awesome Christmas trees using newspaper (look at the picture!)

… be continued!!!


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