Social Media Predictions

sferaAs usual in this time, everybody is wondering what the future may hold for the next year.

In particular, the economic crisis involving all countries represents an unpredictable element of our future.

By the way, one of our job’s main duties is to think outside the box.

I believe that participation and collaboration will be once more the ‘key words’ of our future.

That’s the reason why I suggest you to read … not the horoscope, but an interesting thoughts collection: “Social Media Predictions 2009”. Peter Kim asked some US marketing and social media leaders, to share their vision on 2009.

Enjoy your reading!


One thought on “Social Media Predictions

  1. Really an interesting reading. To hear all the predictions from different US marketing and social media leaders is great! Under Peter Kim’s post, there are a lot of comments. There is one comment which I really find interesting: “Personal blogs thrive, corporate blogs explode.” Can it be true? Time will show who is right…

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