Feelings from Mumbai


Gateway of India

Gateway of India - ph. by N. Staccioli

Hi All!
I’m really thankful to all the people that contributed and partecipated to my blog in this period, as they kept it alive!
As you know, I was visiting Kerala, south western India.
I’ll tell you about this trip, but I need a little time to think about it. After India, and back to Rome, I always need silence.
Silence to think about differences, to better remember feelings, people, images.
In this post, I only want to tell you something about Mumbai. I was there less than three weeks after terroristic attacks.
At the beginning, I was frightened by the idea of visiting crowded places. Then I thought that terrorism can’t win. So I visited the Gateway of India, when I met hundreds of people, most of them Indian citizens.
I immediately realized that the many Indian souls can’t be destroyed by a a bomb.
Just few international newspapers told us about the strong reaction and demonstrations the days after attacks .
Mumbai was hurted, but still alive.
This was the beginning of my trip … I invite you to look at the picture, and tell us about your thoughts and feelings…


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