Earthquake. The sound of Silence

. Zucchi - Insidefoto - All rights reserved

. Zucchi - Insidefoto - All rights reserved

The night between Sunday and Monday,I was awoken by my husband’s shout and I realized that everything was shaking.

I saw the time on my alarm-clock: 3.34 am. The earthquake. Just few minutes for us, as we live in Rome, 120 km far from L’Aquila.

Immediately on Facebook and Twitter, you could find people updating their status, with news about parents, earthquake, calls for help.

It was five days ago, but the earth there is still shaking. 289 dead till now. Today here in Italy is national mourning.

Again, I have to admit that there are two opposite sides of my country.

On one hand, new buildings felt down like sandcastles, because somebody didn’t respect rules and laws.

On the other hand, hundreds of people are helping each other, working together. Hundreds of volunteers

Many people by using social networks are creating something more than virtual contacts.

This my country, this is Italy… We’ll talk about this.

But today there is only silence …


One thought on “Earthquake. The sound of Silence

  1. Nico, I feel so sad about the situation. As a person who personally lived the terrible earthquake in Turkey in 1999, I can guess how you all must be feeling. May God rest their souls…

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