Blog Action Day ’09: How climate change is affecting the Maldives

Hi All!
For the second year I’m proud to be part of this useful and important social media action called “Blog Action Day

The aim is to involve people as much as possible in an important topic. This year bloggers from all over the world are called to write about CLIMATE CHANGE.

I’d like to grab your attention, talking about my experience in one of the most famous paradises: the Maldives Islands.

In 1998 Maldives were affected by El Nino that is a periodic change in the atmosphere and ocean of the tropical Pacific region.

In that year, water temperature increased of 4-5 degrees over the average. One of the worst consequence was the whitening of corals.

When I visited Maldives in 2000, in some places there was a sort of ghostly underwater landscape.

Fortunately, the situation has changed and many species are retrieving their original colors.

But few days ago I was affected by another bad news about this famous archipelago.

Government of the Maldives held a cabinet meeting underwater to highlight the threat of global warming, in order to send a serious message about rising sea levels. Maldives Islands would be wiped out if oceans will rise.

The Maldives President Nasheed and the cabinet signed a document, calling on all the nations to cut down their carbon emissions.

If you’d like to have more information about this story and other correlated topics, I warmly suggest to read the annual report by Time ‘Heroes of environment’

I strongly believe that only if we work together we can help our planet, and save places like the Maldives. Don’t forget that with our behaviours we can all make a difference!


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