A good reason to visit Sicily: Addiopizzo Travel

imagesJust a year ago I wrote a post about ‘Libera‘, the Italian group which coordinates 1500 small associations composed by students, farmers, common people, that daily fight against mafia .

Today, I’m proud to tell you that there is an increasing number of actions to struggle against Mafia.

Who knows the meaning of the Italian slang ‘pizzo’? Have you ever heard this word in any movies like ‘The Godfather’?


Addiopizzo Travel

Pizzo (not pizza!) is the protection money that many shopkeepers, restaurant and hotel owners,


Eraclea Minoa

business men have to pay to the mafia.

Many of us usually feel uncomfortable when in Sicily by the idea that our money could fund organised crime.

The very good news is that there are many people who contribute to struggle against mafia. Some of them created an organisation called “Addiopizzo Travel”. Addiopizzo means “Goodbye protection money”



The aim of this organisation is to offer tours mafia-free, and involving people in supporting a clean economy.

By choosing Addiopizzo travel, you’ll have accommodation and meals in hotels and restaurants that rebelled to the mafia.

In this way you can combine the beauty of Sicily and the commitment against organised crime.

Sicily is more than an island. Here you can find natural and historical sites, culture, food, which are the mix of a multicultural area.

Don’t miss this opportunity and spread the voice! Let’s start by visiting the web sites www.addiopizzo.org and www.addiopizzotravel.it.

Then … plan your visit!

Enjoy your trip






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