Mozambique: the places tourists won’t visit

My Mozambique

Yesterday, I had my second trip to Mozambique. Unfortunately, it has been a virtual one.

But surely more moving than the first one.

When I visited Mozambique last August I had a wonderful, interesting trip.

About five thousand km, from Maputo to Ilha de Mozambique, all along the coast. Then I went to the Gorongosa National Park, and more … tea plantations in Gurué.

I saw a poor country, but very rich in terms of dignity. I met many people, and I made all the possibile effort to understand the country I was visiting.

Plenty of schools, also in the hidden small villages. Explosive natural landscapes, islands like paradises. Sand trails and important infrastructure like Zambesi’s bridge.

My Mozambique

I spent a couple of days in Maputo, I was ‘well prepared’, I had read a lot of articles, information, news, about history, culture, etc.. But I didn’t know anything about a huge open dump, called Lixiera, and life all around it.

Many people live there, getting food from the dump. The dump is there life, their source of  ‘money’, as they re-sell everything they find there.

An Italian association in 2008 started there a project called ‘A MUNDZUKU KA YINA’, by teaching photography, images digital processing, and video to young boys between 20 and 28 years old, who live in that area.

The aim is to give them a chance to change their life.

Yesterday I had the pleasure to see an exhibition in Rome with the surprising results from this experience.

It was like a  second trip to Mozambique. A new side of this country I didn’t know, as ‘normal’ tourists’ are not interested in.

Looking at the pictures shooted by these guys, I felt their positive energy, even though expressed in extreme life conditions. They were able to turn their hard life in a dump into an artistic expression.

Mozambique shooted by Hulene's boys

If  you’d like to support this project, or just to know something more about it,

You can help these guys through the organization. For instance, do you have old computers? They need them! Or can you arrange an exhibition with their pictures?

Give people a chance!!!

And thanks to OFFICINE FOTOGRAFICHE as they give us the chance to know these young photographers!


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