A special event in Venice: Festa del Redentore

Redentore Church - photo by N. Staccioli

On the third week end of July, every year Venice celebrates its traditional Festa del Redentore (Redeemer).

It was firstly held in 1577 to celebrate the end of a terrible plague, and for the same reason was built the Palladio’s Redentore Church. It is one of the most important example of Palladian religious architecture, and it was built on Giudecca’s Island.

Nowdays, Festa del Redentore is a mix of religious theme and spectacular celebration, as hundreds of boats flock into San Marco’s bay and Giudecca Canal.

Giudecca's Canal

Till Saturday afternoon, thousands of people on the boats or on the terraces have dinner, listen to the music, dance and wait for the phantasmagorical fireworks.

Giudecca's Canal - photo by N. staccioli

This year I attended for the first time the Festa del Redentore, and I believe it’s a really worthwhile experience.

Suddenly, at 11.30 pm, all the music was stopped, and the lights switched off. Just few seconds of silence and fireworks started. They lasted until past midnight

I was on a  boat, in the middle of Giudecca Canal and  the show was really unbelievable.

On Sunday morning, it’s possible to attend the religious celebrations at Redentore Church.

Just a simple advice … if next year you’d like to attend this important Venetian event, you need to book in advance!


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