A glance at the world …

Rome - Pantheon's roof

Snowy Rome

I left my blog a year ago, as it was too difficult for me to look after social media, blog, e-mail, etc.

Many things have been changed: my English is worst than before, in Rome is snowing, my activities are increased, and I’m on the “higher step” of the social technographics ladder, according to Charlene LiGroundswell‘.

In spite of all that, I decided to come back to my blog, with a new/old look. The style is quite similar, but I changed the header picture, choosing between hundreds of shoots I took all around the world.


A glance it’s the simplest way to communicate when you meet unknown people, when you don’t know a language, when you’d like to express yourself without words.

As I wrote before, in spite of all new and old social media, this is the place I love most. Because  it has been my first experience as ‘creator’ in the net, because I need to share my experiences as a traveller (even though I still consider myself a tourist).

I’d like to thank again Becky Carroll: in her ‘Teaching Social Media’ class at UCSD I learned the importance of listening to the people, as the web is made by people. We often forget it …

Rome - Villa Pamphili

Rome - Villa Pamphili


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