Arab spring or European winter?

This is the letter that some mothers of missing Tunisian migrants wrote to the Italian Minister for Cooperation and Integration. Any comment is useless.
Dear Minister,
these are the Tunisian mothers who, since March 2011, have not been having news about their sons leaving for Europe after the revolution.
During this time we have been visiting various Tunisian government officials, including the Prime Minister, the Foreign Affairs Minister, and the Home Affairs Minister. Nobody could give us any news. To be more precise, the Foreign Affairs Minister told us that his office reached out to Italian detention centers and gathered that our sons had never arrived in Italy despite contradictory evidence that their boats reached the Italian coasts.

We have organized marches and sit-in protests to be heard and in the past few months we have started to ask for the digital fingerprints of our sons to send the to the Italian Home Affairs Ministry in order to gather precise information on their arrival. To this end, as
we wrote in an appeal addressed to both Tunisian and Italian institutions, we are asking for an exchange of fingerprints in order to learn what our sons’ destiny has been, if they are alive or dead. While families of missing Tunisians are asking Tunisian and European
institutions to change their migration policies, in Italy we joined a group of women and families supporting the appeal for the fingerprint exchange. Shouts from the two banks of the Mediterranean are joining together to ask for action on the case of missing Tunisians. A delegation of our families has been in Italy for a week seeking an answer.

However, this has not led to any result yet and neither the Tunisian nor the Italian
government has yet let us know if they will follow up on our request. 

We are writing to you because we know you will be on a state visit in our country on February 14 and we want to ask to meet with you to be granted that your government will give full collaboration to our institutions to reveal the truth on what happened to our sons.

The mothers of missing Tunisian migrants.


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