Communicating migration

One year ago I had the opportunity to start a new job experience at the department for migration and integration policy of an Italian ministry.

The proposal arrived unexpected, but I didn’t hesitate and accepted.

As IT specialist involved also in communication process, with focus on marketing and social media, it was asked me to work on a website concerning migration policies.

Let me say something …

Nowdays, migration and integration is one of the most difficult social issues to afford.

Each European country try to represent its own model and theory, according to its history and origins. Guidelines are weak and the borders between countries become higher and higher again, when hundreds of people disembark to our coasts. Debates on multiculturalism or assimilationism increase. But above all, intolerance increases.

In this context it’s very difficult to communicate migration in a positive way, considering it as an opportunity for our society, without stereotypes.

That’s on of main reasons that pushed me to do my best, maybe as ever, for this project.

Yesterday, during a conference I heard a sentence I can resume, more or less, like this: communicating migration is a service for all and if you do it in the right way you can save somebody, by helping him/her to leave clandestinity (Stephen Ogongo – Director at Africa News)

Communication: different way of ...

Communication 'tools' - 1

Communication 'tools' - 2

Communication 'tools' - 2

Communication 'tools' - 3

Communication 'tools' - 3

Communication 'tools' - 4

Communication 'tools' - 4


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