A special museum in Lampedusa

Have you ever visited Lampedusa or heard about this beautiful island?

Lampedusa is the southernmost part of Italy, geologically belonging to Africa as it is located   just 110 km from its coast (220 from Italy). In 2003  a natural reserve was established in Lampedusa, to protect its coasts and sea.

Unfortunately, in the last years Lampedusa has become famous because of the arrival of thousands of migrants mainly from north Africa. I wrote  ‘unfortunately’ because very often the arrival of migrants went with tragedy,  shipwrecks, loneliness, people who left their country looking for a better life, dignity, job.

On the contrary, Lampedusa represents a bridge between different culture, between Africa and Europe. That’s why a local association Askavusa, wanted to create a museum, called Museum of Migrations, collecting all the objects found on the watercrafts and left behind.

Memory, witness, anti-racism: these are the key words that better represent the aim of this musem.

An important experience which involves citizens and migrants, artists an students, but people first of all …

Museum of Migrations http://www.museodellemigrazioni.com

Museum of Migrations


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