Women and cyberstalking


Take Back the Tech! is a collaborative campaign to reclaim information and communication technologies to end violence against women.

From their website: “The campaign calls on all ICT users – especially women and girls – to take control of technology and strategically use any ICT platform at hand (mobile phones, instant messengers, blogs, websites, digital cameras, email, podcasts and more) for activism against gender-based violence”.

Most important, this campaign wants to raise awareness about cyberstalking, ang give the women an important tool to defende themselves from this new form of violence


Blogging day to free Rossella Urru


Rossella Urru #freerossella #freerossellaurru

I’m proud to join today the campaign to free Rossella Urru, the Italian woman working for the International Committee for the Development of Peoples (CISP) that was kidnapped on the 23rd of October in Raguni, Algeria, the administrative centre of the Saharawi population refugee camps.

This blogging day is part of an important campaign supported by important media such as Rai TG3, as well as bloggers and websites from all over the country.

If you’d like to be part of this campaign, don’t forget the hashtag: #freerossella #freeRossellaUrru

Communicating migration

One year ago I had the opportunity to start a new job experience at the department for migration and integration policy of an Italian ministry.

The proposal arrived unexpected, but I didn’t hesitate and accepted.

As IT specialist involved also in communication process, with focus on marketing and social media, it was asked me to work on a website concerning migration policies.

Let me say something …

Nowdays, migration and integration is one of the most difficult social issues to afford.

Each European country try to represent its own model and theory, according to its history and origins. Guidelines are weak and the borders between countries become higher and higher again, when hundreds of people disembark to our coasts. Debates on multiculturalism or assimilationism increase. But above all, intolerance increases.

In this context it’s very difficult to communicate migration in a positive way, considering it as an opportunity for our society, without stereotypes.

That’s on of main reasons that pushed me to do my best, maybe as ever, for this project.

Yesterday, during a conference I heard a sentence I can resume, more or less, like this: communicating migration is a service for all and if you do it in the right way you can save somebody, by helping him/her to leave clandestinity (Stephen Ogongo – Director at Africa News)

Communication: different way of ...

Communication 'tools' - 1

Communication 'tools' - 2

Communication 'tools' - 2

Communication 'tools' - 3

Communication 'tools' - 3

Communication 'tools' - 4

Communication 'tools' - 4

My social media week … how to raise awareness

I attended only few events of Social Media Week in Rome. Unfortunately.

I mean … less than the number of events I was interested in.

But  I appreciated very much “Social Media & No Profit: not only Social Marketing” conference. I’m really involved in these two topics, but I didnt’ have any direct Italian experience.

I was surprised by discovering that most of  the people that attended the conference, didn’t know the in-depth power of a social media campaign. Barcamps are an unknown practice. In communication field, social media are often used as a showcase, a window … no more.

So, that’s why this conference has represented  a great opportunity, as  we afforded important experiences as a fund-raising project, a no-profit platform and different campaigns.

Please, spend few minutes of your time watching these videos and spread the word!

Fund-raising for Haiti

Social Media Week – February 7-11, 2011

February 7 -11, 2011

Next week it will be held an important event for Social Media.  Nine cities will host simultaneously The Social Media Week : from New York to Rome, San Francisco, Paris, Hong Kong, Toronto, London, Istanbul, Sao Paulo.

Every city has its onw agenda, hundreds of people involved in  free meeting and conferences.

I think it would be useful to attend some events also if you are in a different country. In my experience, even if we rightly consider the Net as a whole, there are many differences between countries, as for culture, technology, development.

I hope there will be also the opportunity to spread the voice about  Egypt protest, and talk about how people are using the Net in this situation, censorship, freedom, and so on.

So if you are in Rome … I suggest to not miss Colosseum, but also some Social Week’s events!

Blog Action Day 2010: water!

Hi All,

it’s a honour for me attending for the third time the Blog Action Day.

This year topic is WATER.

Why water?

Because over large part of the world, people don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. Moreover, pollution and global changes are causing a water quality degradation.

One of the Millenium Development Goals by United Nation says “Halve, by 2015, the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking-water and basic sanitation” (MDG 7, Target 7c).

There so many different issues related to this topic, as we can’t consider it solely a human beings issue.

Fortunately, the number of initiatives, programmes, projects is fastly growing up, but it is fundamental to constantly hold the attention on this issue, as water is a global issue and affects all of us.

In my opinion, ‘to hold the attention’  means to do something every day, as little changes in many people can make a big difference.

For this reason, I decided to use this post to inform you about few projects, in which everyone can be easily involved.

Join the pipe:  Have you ever thought about the power of a social network?
I was really impressed when I read about a social community of tap water drinkers. As Geraldo Vallen and Lorenzo De Vita say in their web site “At the beginning of 2009, two friends living in The Netherlands, a country constantly threatened by floods and too much water, had the dream to redistribute water in a fairer way”.

The idea was to design a original set of reusable bottles, produce it and sell it to the community,  in order to raise funds to finance water projects in Asia and Africa.

Now the community is composed by 1732 members and they sold more than 1200 bottles. And this is just the beginning of the dream …

Walk for water: In many rural areas (especially in Africa), people needs to walk more then 6 km to reach the wells. As children are often involved in this task, it becomes  impossible for them going to school.

“Walk for water” is an event created 4 years ago by a group of volunteers to raise awareness, reminding that million of people have to walk such a long way to reach this primary source of life.

Fresh water in Italy: In my country, there is a low awareness about the waste of water. People think that water is an unlimited resource. There are many pipes are in bad conditions, taps in our house are often useless opened.

Furthermore, we use to drink mineral water, even though the quality of water from waterworks is very high. It means an increasing pollution due to transportation of thousands of bottles of water (mainly plastic bottles).

In these days one of most important Italian supermarket chain (Coop) is involving its customers in a large scale campaign.

These are just few projects in which everyone can be involved in every day life.

What do you think to join at least one of them?

Blog Action Day 2010

While waiting for my new post about Maranhao, don’t forget that BLOGGINGAROUNDTHEWORLD will take part in Blog Action Day 2010., which will be held on October 15th.

This year the subjetc is WATER.

Why water? Right now, almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water.

If have any idea, experience, opinion about this topic, don’t hesitate and join us!!!!