How to travel … staying at home!

When I started writing my blog, I said that there are many way to travel, because in my opinion travel means knowledge.Even though sometimes is not possible to visit other countries, the WWW offer us a great opportunity to know people and different cultures.

That’s the reason why today I’d like to suggest you “to travel” by reading two blogs.

The first one is and it is about the invisible wounds that some experiences can leave. Liza tells us about her husband’s experience when he was back from Iraq.

I am really impressed by her words and by the difficulties they had to deal with. As I live in Italy, before reading her blog, the war for me was only something that I watched on TV. I have never met somebody that was directly involved in war. I only had the stories from my grandfather, but it was long time ago and the II World War was very far me.

Through her blog, I’m really learning something more about people and culture of this Country.

The second blog I’d like to suggest you is As Claudia (the author) explains in her blog, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the commitment by business to obtain a positive impact on society.

There are different approaches for CSR and it is very interesting to understand how different companies manage this issue and the benefits they can generate. The projects are very different as well, as they can involve associations from their own country or from abroad (especially Third World Countries).

In my opinion, CSR represents the “good” side of globalization, and government should encourage companies in affording these projects.

Liza and Claudia, the authors of these blogs, are also attending “Marketing via New Media” class. Don’t you think they are doing an excellent job, do you?