2009: Barcamps in Rome

Hi All!

2009 starts with some good news for people interested in innovation, and social media. Two new barcamps will be held in Rome.

The first one is KublaiCamp and will be held next week, on January 24 th.

Kublai is project by Department of Economic Development, which aim is to develop creative projects with strong connections and roots to their regional area (territory), in order to create new opportunities.

The second one is Innovatori PA barcamp, and will be held on May. Innovatori PA


 means Public Administration Innovators, and it is a social network to create innovation in Italian Public Administration.

In my country, Public Administration has been always considered as something old, and slow. That’s the reason why these two barcamps represent something new, and important. Put together ideas to improve our system and give citizens the right to have a high quality service from Government.

 If you decide to visit Rome… join us!