News from Rome: Flash mob for Peace

Dear All,

as you can imagine this is one of the best season for visiting Rome. Not too hot, nice weather, plenty of exhibitions.

But next Saturday  there will be a special event you can’t miss if you happen to be in Rome. The location will be one of most beautiful squares: Piazza del Popolo.

Hundreds of people will meet there for a Flash Mob in order to support the campaign ‘Internet for Peace’. All together, we’ll transform Piazza del People into a peace symbol.

Last November Internet was proposed as candidate for Nobel Peace Prize. Since that, many people have been working hard to support not only this proposal, but PEACE.

Shoot for change, Flash Mob Roma, and 100Tag are asking you to wear a coloured t-shirt (choose one color from the peace flag!), and bring – if it’s possible – a computer device, such as a mouse or a keyboard or an old motherboard.

Obviously … don’t forget a camera to shoot the event and partecipate  at Shoot4peace photo contest.

What else … an important aim, a beautiful location, a lot of fun!

WHEN: Saturday, May 29th

WHERE: Roma, Piazza del Popolo

LOCAL TIME: 4.55 pm

Don’t forget it’s a FLASH mob, so don’t be late!


Internet for Peace: a photo contest

Dears All,

once again I am proud as I can offer my little help to Shoot4Change, by promoting an important campaign.

As you probably know (otherwise, please read my previous post!), last November, the magazines Wired Italia, Wired UK, and Wired US proposed Internet as candidate for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize.

This proposal generated a worldwide movement, supported by Shirin Ebadi (Nobel Prize 2003), Umberto Veronesi (scientist), Nicholas Negroponte (founder MIT medialab and OLPC), Giorgio Armani (fashion designer), Zeferino Andrade De Alexandre Martins (Minister of Education of Mozambico), Geraldine Namirembe Bitamazire (Minister of Education and Sports of Uganda), Luìs Federico Franco Gómez (Vice President of Paraguay), Joi Ito (CEO of Creative Commons), and the three Wired directors: Riccardo Luna, Chris Anderson, and David Rowan.

Everyone can be part of this movement. Everyone can play a starring role in this project.

That’s why Shoot4change launched SHOOT FOR PEACE photo contest! It’s not a commercial contest, its aim is to focus attention on the peaceful power of Internet.

You can take pictures using a camera or your mobile phone, but don’t hesitate in showing your point of view about Internet for Peace.

You have 100 days until June 30th, 2010.

For more info … and

Helping people with Xmas presents and Internet suggestions

Dear All,
in these days in Italy there is a wide debate concerning the use of social network and internet, because some people think that Internet is causing a new wave of violence.
As I deeply believe in the social value of Internet, I’d like to share with with you some good news published on the Web

First of all … Do you know that there is an international commitee to candidate Internet to the Nobel for peace?

As the Internet for Peace Manifesto says:
“We have finally realized that the Internet is much more than a network of computers. It is an endless web of people. Men and women from every corner of the globe are connecting to one another, thanks to the biggest social interface ever known to humanity.
Digital culture has laid the foundations for a new kind of society.
And this society is advancing dialogue, debate and consensus through communication. Because democracy has always flourished where there is openness, acceptance, discussion and participation. And contact with others has always been the most effective antidote against hatred and conflict.
That’s why the Internet is a tool for peace.
That’s why anyone who uses it can sow the seeds of non-violence.
And that’s why the next Nobel Peace Prize should go to the Net.
A Nobel for each and every one of us. “

I looked for some good news  and/or projects  in the Web in order to support this idea.

Shoot for Change – S4C:  it’s a group composed by professional and no-progfessional photographers, reporters, journalists whose aim is  giving “our eyes and lens to those who cannot afford to have their voices heard or their colors seen. Neutrally. Impartially. Professionally.”  It’s a mix of charity projects, best practices, experiences on social issues. In few months they were able to create a new ‘web’ of people, initiatives, work. Visit their sites (Italy and US) and you”ll be involved by the energy and consciousness of S4C!!!

Natale solidale (Christmas charity):  it’s an Italian blog. Instead of wasting money in useless presents, the blogger invites people, friends, families to donate doing something useful. In this blog, you can find suggestions about different charity projects, regarding children, environment, animals, etc … So if you’re looking for a present that really represents Christmas feelings, you are in the ‘right’ place to find it!

Last but not the least … another Italian small but serious organization: SHARE! For the second year they are supporti a project in Kigali, Rwanda to guarantee to a hundred children a rich in protein meal  at least once a week.

These are just few examples I found and wanted to share with you. The Web is a great and important resource for all of us … we’ll talk about again … next year.

I wish you a serene holiday and happy New Year