Marketers and environment

This morning I read a couple of interesting posts from ‘Bizandbuzz’ blog. The author, Gianandrea Facchini, tries to figure out how marketers can contribute to a better and sustainable world, and he gives some suggestions.

As you can imagine, I felt immediately involved in this issue, as one of my main goals as global citizen is to reduce negative environmental impact.

What can we do to influence companies?

I believe that we have some good points and tools, such as corporate social responsibility: ethical behaviours can promote a positive image, reducing environmental impact is a long term investment, and so on.

But we need a strong support from governments.

In Italy, for instance, we need laws, incentives, rules. Good ideas are not enough to create awareness.

We don’t have so much time, our planet is suffering too much. We can create communities, we can spread out the voice, but we really need a strong signal.

What’s your opinion?


Olympic Games and Chinese Brands

Some days ago, I read an interesting post about the Chinese sponsors at the Olympic Games. As it is in Italian, I’d like to share it with you. Federico Rampini, correspondent for the newspaper “La Repubblica“, analyzes the role and the future of some important Chinese brands.

In many situations, Olympic Games have represented the “launching pad” for a lot of companies. Everybody knows some main sponsors such as Adidas, Omega, Coca Cola, MacDonald, Visa, and Kodak. Most people consider them the real “master” of the Games. But what about the Chinese sponsors?

We can start from Lenovo: just a few people know that all IBM personal computers are made from Lenovo. This company wants to change the idea that Chinese products are only cheap and not reliable. Its new slogan is “Technology, innovation, and service quality”. Does it sound different from the past?

Another company whose main goal is the service quality, is Air China. For the first time in the company’s history, it considers the service quality as the pattern to follow.

Then we have Bank of China: this bank is well-known as “white knight” as it is helping many western banks with the loan crises.

It will be very interesting for the marketers to follow the growth and the changes of these companies. Do you think that they will be able to introduce a new concept of customer service? That’s the great challenge for the the future!!!

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