Civil war: Palmyra

Today, a civil war is also here, in Palmyra, UNESCO world heritage.




Palmyra, Sirya. January 2011


Tea in the Sahara …

Hi All and Happy New Year!

Tea in the Sahara

I’m just back from a wonderful place:  the Algerian Sahara. In particular, there is an area called Tadrart, close to the border between Algeria and Lybia . Touareg’s land where people live according to tradition and modernity. Where the tea ceremony is still alive together with hundreds of mobile phones.

In the next days I’ll tell you about this magic trip,  as I’d like to support my Touareg guides  explaining why this part of Algeria is NOT dangerous.

Stay tuned!

Blog Action Day ’09: How climate change is affecting the Maldives

Hi All!
For the second year I’m proud to be part of this useful and important social media action called “Blog Action Day

The aim is to involve people as much as possible in an important topic. This year bloggers from all over the world are called to write about CLIMATE CHANGE.

I’d like to grab your attention, talking about my experience in one of the most famous paradises: the Maldives Islands.

In 1998 Maldives were affected by El Nino that is a periodic change in the atmosphere and ocean of the tropical Pacific region.

In that year, water temperature increased of 4-5 degrees over the average. One of the worst consequence was the whitening of corals.

When I visited Maldives in 2000, in some places there was a sort of ghostly underwater landscape.

Fortunately, the situation has changed and many species are retrieving their original colors.

But few days ago I was affected by another bad news about this famous archipelago.

Government of the Maldives held a cabinet meeting underwater to highlight the threat of global warming, in order to send a serious message about rising sea levels. Maldives Islands would be wiped out if oceans will rise.

The Maldives President Nasheed and the cabinet signed a document, calling on all the nations to cut down their carbon emissions.

If you’d like to have more information about this story and other correlated topics, I warmly suggest to read the annual report by Time ‘Heroes of environment’

I strongly believe that only if we work together we can help our planet, and save places like the Maldives. Don’t forget that with our behaviours we can all make a difference!

No-profit and Music 2.0

Yesterday, the Italian blogger Antonio by Il Circolo dei viaggiatori posted a wonderful video about a special project. It was a music performance made by musicians from different part of the world, but they were all playing the same song: “Stand by me”.

The project, called Playing for change, wants to connect the world through the music, by providing resources for music and art.

The foundation mission statement is: “Building and connecting music/art schools around the world”.

The project involves busketers, professional and unprofessional musicians, filmmakers, artists.

The first music school will open at the beginning of 2009, in Gugulethu – South Africa.

Let’s think about the mix of this project: no-profit, traditional media, web 2.0, travel, different cultures.

Don’t you find it really exciting?

Enjoy this video!

A gift from Belfast

A Guide to Belfast's Literary Landscape

A Guide to Belfast

Today’s topic is related to my deep love and interest in travelling. I’d like to talk to you about something different from the other posts I wrote. No social media, no technology, no environment, no poverty. But literature and books!

A friend of mine (thank you so much, Ivo!) spent last week end in Belfast, and brought me a wonderful Belfast Literary Guide.

Let me better explain. Belfast Tourism Development Unit published a Belfast’s literary guide. That is, the city narrated thorugh the life of many writers and their books.

There is a mix of local and international writers, each one with his different feelings about the city.

Unknown corners and famous buildings, hidden streets, and libraries, hotels, squares, you can discover Belfast through the words, the poems, the books of some writer.

As every time I leave, either for a short or a long trip, I spend a lot of time choosing the right books and music, I believe this is a really great idea. It helps you not only to discober a place, but also to know a writer and his words. It assists you in finding old atmospheres or just something you can’t catch at a first glance.

In Rome, we don’t have such a guide, but I’d like to suggest you to visit a place where it’s possible to ‘build’ your personal reading path about a city, a country, a journey: “La libreria del viaggiatore” (The traveller’s bookshop). There are no other bookshops in Rome like this one, with the same atmosphere. Don’t miss it. And if you go to Belfast, don’t miss The Belfast Literary Guide.

Enjoy your reading … and your trip!

Blog, travels, and women

In these days, here in Rome is taking place an interesting festival about travel literature. In the wonderful location of Villa Celimontana, people have the opportunity to meet readers, journalists, writers, travellers, and … bloggers!

After my social media class, I have been increasing my interest in all my favorite topics and their connection with Web 2.0, so I was so excited to find a conference about travels and blogs!

I attended this conference yesterday morning, and I had the chance to keep in touch with one of most interesting italian blogger about travels: Marina Misiti and her blog “donne con la valigia” (the translation sounds as “women with the suitcase”).

The debate highlighted many important, interesting points: how new media affects the way of writing, the difference between blogs and traditional “travel diary”, the network as “a travel in the travel”, just to say some of them.

Many bloggers compared their different way of writing a blog: blogging on the road, blogging after a trip, blogging feelings …

During the conference, I wonder if all these available information limit the ‘discovery pleasure’ of a trip. The answer I gave myself is that every trip generates unique, new feelings, even though you know something about the place you are going to visit.

So, I definitely think that blogs, and network can help people to share these feelings and, consequently, to add some value to personal experiences.

In my opinion, knowledge and information don’t represent a limit in discovering a place, but they offer the chance to better know it.

Moreover, the Web represents a great opportunity for all the people that can travel only with their minds…

What do you think about it?

PS: other bloggers presented their projects:,,, Il circolo dei viaggiatori

Welcome to my World!

Hi All,

this is my first blog experience, and I hope we enjoy together. I’m from Italy, but at the moment I’m living in San Diego, CA.

I have travelled a lot all over the world, but this trip is a special one, as I decided to temporarily leave my job and my family for starting my studies again. It’s never too late!

I’d like to share with you my love for travelling all around the world, and last but not the least, my ‘new’ life in San Diego.

In my spare time I’m a “no-professional” tour guide, but I let you know more in my next post!

Enjoy your travel in my blog!