Facebook: an example of digital democracy

election-rally-on-facebook2On November 3rd I received an invite to join Facebook’s cause ‘Election Rally’.

Even though I wasn’t personally involved in voting (I’m not a US citizen), I decided to ‘donate’ my Facebook’s status to the cause.

The goal was to reach as many people as possible and convince them to vote, no matter about political persuasion. Everyone could donate his status to his candidate.

The most important thing was reminding people to vote, especially young people.

The initiative had a great success: in just under 5 days, 1,745,754 people sent out 4,919,071 status messages.

This example demonstrates how a social network can support democracy, and help people to know their rights.

I’d like to suggest you to visit the Facebook’s cause, to check the increasing number of people involved hour by hour. It’s incredible how fast it grew!


Another suggestions to all bloggers: Valeria Maltoni posted today a useful article “Why start a blog and 25 howtoblogtips to make it work”. You’ll find many advices to create a successful blog! The article is easy to understand also for beginners, and it is mainly focused on creating a business blog.

Valeria’s ‘Conversation Agent’ is one of my favourite professional blogs, and I read it regularly, as I always find ideas, suggestions, and interesting opinions.

I strongly recommend it!

Enjoy your reading.


Election Day

Three flags by Jasper Johns

Three flags by Jasper Johns

Not only American people, but all the world is waiting for US election day.

All the media are strongly focused on it.

US choice will affect economy and politics worldwide in the next four years.

Today, we’re all waiting and looking at you…

That’s why today also bloggingarountheworld doesn’t want to talk about anything else, but waiting …..

Tomorrow is another day.