A gift from Belfast

A Guide to Belfast's Literary Landscape

A Guide to Belfast

Today’s topic is related to my deep love and interest in travelling. I’d like to talk to you about something different from the other posts I wrote. No social media, no technology, no environment, no poverty. But literature and books!

A friend of mine (thank you so much, Ivo!) spent last week end in Belfast, and brought me a wonderful Belfast Literary Guide.

Let me better explain. Belfast Tourism Development Unit published a Belfast’s literary guide. That is, the city narrated thorugh the life of many writers and their books.

There is a mix of local and international writers, each one with his different feelings about the city.

Unknown corners and famous buildings, hidden streets, and libraries, hotels, squares, you can discover Belfast through the words, the poems, the books of some writer.

As every time I leave, either for a short or a long trip, I spend a lot of time choosing the right books and music, I believe this is a really great idea. It helps you not only to discober a place, but also to know a writer and his words. It assists you in finding old atmospheres or just something you can’t catch at a first glance.

In Rome, we don’t have such a guide, but I’d like to suggest you to visit a place where it’s possible to ‘build’ your personal reading path about a city, a country, a journey: “La libreria del viaggiatore” (The traveller’s bookshop). There are no other bookshops in Rome like this one, with the same atmosphere. Don’t miss it. And if you go to Belfast, don’t miss The Belfast Literary Guide.

Enjoy your reading … and your trip!