Elections: the day after!

US-ELECTIONS-OBAMAI don’t know if he’ll be a good President (but I hope so), but today we’re all looking at him. And to the American people and their lesson of democracy, with the increasing number of electors.

Today, we can believe that every change can happen.

In the next days, we’ll be very interesting to understand voting distribution, and how much this ‘unconventional’ campaign by social media really affected the results.

There is an interesting post by Josh Bernoff in Forrester’s blog, in which he suggests Obama to continue using the groundswell, in order to listen and embrace the brightest people for getting the best ideas for America.

According to Bernoff, I believe it would be a big mistake wasting this large community created during the elections campaign.

Tapping the groundswell can represent an important tool to enforce democracy, as it would give the chance to listen to all the different voices.

What do you think about it?


Election Day

Three flags by Jasper Johns

Three flags by Jasper Johns

Not only American people, but all the world is waiting for US election day.

All the media are strongly focused on it.

US choice will affect economy and politics worldwide in the next four years.

Today, we’re all waiting and looking at you…

That’s why today also bloggingarountheworld doesn’t want to talk about anything else, but waiting …..

Tomorrow is another day.

Twitter: a tool to solve Election Day problems

This morning I read an interesting article on the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, about Twitter and one of most important events of next week : the election of US President.

In order to afford all the problems that can arise from different way of voting, queues, voting machine, many different organizations supported a crowdsourcing project called ‘Twitter Vote Report’.

TVR is a Twitter based tool created to share vote experience, get immediate help, and ensure that the media and watchdog groups are aware of any problems or issues. It provides voters a new tool for real-time communication, so that information can be aggregate, and make immediately available.

TVR is also supported by Google and Facebook groups.

As in Italy, Twitter is not widespread, I think it would be very useful for us to have some information from this US experience.

So, dear American readers and friends … please let us know about your experience with Twitter Vote Report!